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  • Merzia Maskati

Welcome to our new website (and blog)

Almost 1 year after our physical clinic renovation, I felt that it was time for a digital one.

Welcome to the new SDLC website and blog! I hope you enjoy it.

Our website re-design has been long overdue - we're finally done with it. The primary goal of our website is to provide parents with basic information about speech, language, dysphagia, voice, and occupational therapy, so that they know when (and if) they need professional help.

I will aim to update this blog as frequently as possible, with general news about the clinic, interesting articles I come across, and where possible, links to articles and presentations that members of the SDLC team publish.

A special thank you to my husband, Gautam, for spearheading the re-design.

Happy reading! Feel free to get in touch with any questions.