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Our team offers a wide range of counseling and therapy services

Speech & Language Therapy

Supporting individuals with receptive language (understanding), expressive language (expressing thoughts and ideas), social language, grammar, fluency, speech sound production and voice quality.

Occupational Therapy

Helping individuals with activities of daily living, increase attention span, improve balance, coordination, fine motor skills and self regulation.

Feeding Therapy

Working with picky or fussy eaters to accept a variety of foods and textures, and to improve oro-motor skills such as sucking, biting, and chewing.

Behavior Therapy

Working with individuals to manage difficult behaviors that may be self-injurious or that may impact learning and socialization.

Parent Coaching

Supporting families to manage challenging behaviors, sibling relationships, and educational placements.

Neurodiverse Counseling

Navigating through challenges in neurodiverse relationships and coaching neurodiverse individuals to better manage interpersonal relationships or employment.

What they are sayinG

From our clients

We've worked with clients from across the world across all ages

Thank you for getting the smile back on my face. He is selected for the school play in the main role. Really appreciate your efforts.

Parent of a 6 y/o

Thank you for all of you work with my dad after his stroke. He has become so chatty!

Daughter of a 80 y/o

How do you have so much room in your heart and head for so many kids?

Parent of a 8 y/o

I'm delighted to inform you that Diya has secured admission to JBCN school. You'll have made a real difference to my child and transformed her from a reticent child to a chirpy bird. God Bless you.

Parent of a 3 y/o

He even said Mumma I will try whatever you are making everytime..and honestly he does try also. He wants to cook with me and make different things everyday. I can't tell you how I feel just now..I'm so happy and I had to share it with you.

Parent of a 4y/o

I had to tell you...Rahul did one class last Friday. He is already saying /r/. I love it. It's such a wonderful start. Thank you so much. Magic..thats what you guys do

Parent of a 5 y/o
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