Promoting Language

Parents are the child’s first teachers. They are fundamental contributors to their child's success of learning language. A language enriched home environment is crucial to child’s development. Listed below are some suggestions to promote language use at home.

Birth to 1 year

  1. Respond to your child's coos, gurgles and babbles
  2. Read books with big colorful pictures
  3. Sing songs and nursery rhymes
  4. Expose your child to new places and people
  5. Talk to your child as you care for him/her throughout the day
  6. Play simple games, such as "peek-a-boo"

1 to 2 years

  1. Encourage early efforts at saying new words
  2. Talk to your child about everything you're doing while you are with him/her
  3. Talk simply, clearly, and slowly to your child
  4. Talk about new situations before you go, while you're there, and again when you are at home

2 to 3 years

  1. Repeat new words over and over
  2. Help your child listen and follow instructions through games
  3. Read books every day, maybe as a bedtime routine
  4. Listen attentively as your child talks to you
  5. Have your child deliver simple verbal messages for you

3 to 4 years

  1. Talk about how objects are the same or different
  2. Help your child to tell stories using books and pictures
  3. Encourage play with other children
  4. Talk about places you've been or will be going to
  5. Read longer stories to your child

4 to 5 years

  1. Help your child sort objects and things (e.g. things you eat, animals, fruits)
  2. Let your child help you plan activities
  3. Encourage telling and making up stories

Electronic Gadgets

Children are fascinated with technology. Games and applications can be a very useful tool for language development with a child. If you choose to use an electronic device with your child, you can:
  1. Upload pictures of holidays or family events and use them to build vocabulary by talking about what you see in each photo
  2. Use art applications to create pictures - increase vocabulary by labelling what to add to each picture.
  3. Encourage story telling by making up stories about the pictures that have been created
  4. Download nursery rhymes and songs to encourage singing together and imitation of actions