Fine Motor Activities

Finger Isolation

This refers to the ability to use certain fingers in isolation from the rest of the hand/fingers: It is important because it increases and improves one’s ability to control pencils while writing. Activities that you can try at home:
  • Drawing in wet sand with a finger
  • Picking up coins & cards
  • Finger painting
  • Sprinkling rice, sand
  • Finger puppets
  • Playing card games
  • Playing a musical keyboard
  • Spraying bottles
  • Pushing button activity
  • Playing Connect Four
  • Using eye-dropper for painting
  • Doing Origami
  • Coloring-in
  • Play-doh activities
  • Using stickers as part of activity (peel off backing &place down)

Promoting Hand Strength

Adequate hand strength is essential for maintaining grasp (e.g. holding pencil and drawing/writing for long periods) and manipulating objects with our fingers). Activities you can try at home:
  • Scissor activities
  • Using tweezers/tongs to pick up objects/materials
  • Squeezing clothes pegs
  • Playing musical instruments
  • Painting with spray bottles
  • Constructing with Lego,
  • DuploSqueezing tubes
  • Using water pistol
  • Hammering
  • Using wind- up toys
  • Using pop beads and other interlocking toys
  • Putting buttons into an opening of tennis ball
  • Stirring and kneading dough
  • Play-doh activities
  • Picking up beads between fingers and dropping 1-by-1
  • Interweaving a large rubber band between fingers and stretching fingers
  • Using a stapler and hole punch in craft activities
  • Squeezing sponges
  • Screwing/unscrewing jars